The latest study by My Late Deals reveals that airport parking prices are on the rise yet again! As UK holiday makers are preparing for their summer getaways, airport parking is often costly and left forgotten until the last minute. Airport parking price comparison indicates the worst airports to leave you car at this summer!

London Gatwick

The airport parking price comparison study indicates that costs will vary depending on whether you are travelling from the north or south terminal. This is because there are different long stay car parks for each terminal. You will have to work out which terminal your airline flies from before booking a spot in the long stay car park.

If you are travelling from the North Terminal (which includes Easyjet, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates), the cheapest 2-week stay would cost £112. For the South Terminal (British Airways, Norwegian, Thomas Cook), the most competitive price was £115. This makes Gatwick the second and third most expensive airport parking option in the country.

The airport parking price comparison study didn’t look into express or pick up prices. We can report that Gatwick express pick up will cost £4. Alternatively, free parking is available in the long stay car park for up to two hours, but you should leave 40 minutes of walking, catching a shuttle and navigating the airport to then meet your arrival at the airport; not the solution for travellers with lots of luggage!

London Heathrow

London Heathrow is the UK’s busiest airport, seeing the most ground and air traffic in the country. As such, they also charge extreme prices; 2 weeks at Heathrow will set you back £97.40.

Whilst it’s not the most expensive in the study, Heathrow is certainly one of the hardest to navigate. The expansive airport has five terminals and travelling from the distant long-stay car parks is not always convenient. Express pick up is also charged at £4.20 for 30 minutes, but an average delay of 1 hour can put that price up to £12-14 for the person you have asked to meet you.

London City

London city airport came out as the most expensive in the airport parking price comparison study. 2 weeks in their car park will cost a whopping £196.50! This is largely due to the limited space at the city centre airport which is now a hub for private fliers. On the plus side, express pick up and drop off is free, providing you stick within the strict guidelines.

Unfortunately, airport parking price comparisons highlight that it is extremely costly to leave your car behind when you’re off on your holidays, wherever you’re parking. Yet, we know there are other factors that haven’t been considered, too, including the worry of leaving your car and the inconvenient hassle of having to trek across acres of parking lot to locate your vehicle. The stress and worry, not to mention the price, of airport parking can undo all the relaxation of your holidays.

All prices were quoted when booking in advanced. If you are looking at a last-minute holiday, you should also expect the price to jump up even more! For alternative transport solutions that will allow you to travel conveniently, with a door to door journey, get in touch with Woking Taxi, today.