The Future of Taxi Services in 2020

Taxi services have without a doubt changed a lot over the last few months, coronavirus has effected all taxi services. While some have decided to close for the foreseeable, many like ourselves, have remained open for critical and key workers as well as...

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Coronavirus Taxi Services

The government has classified all businesses offering road passenger transport to be a critical service during the response to Coronavirus (COVID-19). Here at Woking Taxi, we are committed to providing a safe and secure service for our customers during this time and...

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Airport Parking Price Comparison

The latest study by My Late Deals reveals that airport parking prices are on the rise yet again! As UK holiday makers are preparing for their summer getaways, airport parking is often costly and left forgotten until the last minute. Airport parking price comparison...

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What To Do At Heathrow Airport?

Make travelling more than just an A to B experience! Take some time out to enjoy your extended journey, booking deluxe Woking to Heathrow airport taxi services is a good place to start, but our list of activities and things to do at Heathrow Airport will ensure you...

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Your Airport Taxi Hire Checklist

When booking a holiday there comes a time when you look to book airport transfer, but what do you really need from this service? With several booking options and vehicles to consider it can be overwhelming, however, we have the solution. Woking Taxi created a...

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Airport Taxi VS Airport Parking: Which Is Best?

Booking a holiday is nothing short of stressful. Not only is there a lot to consider such as the destination, accommodation and flights, but it’s easy to forget about all the additional costs, including airport parking. But could an airport taxi be better suited for...

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