Woking Taxi Corporate Accounts



A Woking Taxi service corporate account is the most efficient way to travel and organise stylish, fast transport solutions for your business. With over 100 vehicles in our fleet, including executive Mercedes and MPVS, the Woking Taxi service is now more comprehensive and accessible than ever before. Our corporate Woking Taxi services include all our standard journeys, airport transfers and are perfect for business trips into London, so you can remain safe in the knowledge that wherever you are, whatever you’re in need of, Woking Taxi

Use Woking Taxi service corporate accounts to receive excellent benefits and fantastic savings. Enjoy more than 40% cost savings compared to black cabs as well as an executive, personalised service. Woking Taxi service corporate accounts holders can travel business class, perfect for hosting clients and impressing associates.

Our larger vehicles are firm favourites for transporting larger teams, to conferences, meetings and on business trips. Woking Taxi are a deluxe service, operating with premium, business-class vehicles; we know you need to get to your meetings on time in a stylish, presentable fashion.


Benefits Of Our Corporate Accounts:

At Woking Taxi, we love building relationships within the local business community, which is why Woking Taxi allows us to offer your business special discounts, offers and ways to further personalise your journeys. Our benefits and rewards system let us give back to you the following:

  • Woking Taxi corporate accounts holders are allocated a unique, high priority booking line. This means when you contact Woking Taxi service, you will automatically be connected for speedy, instant bookings. This maximises business efficiency and allows you to get on your way, as soon as possible.
  • The more you travel, the more you benefit. As we get to know your journeys, Woking Taxi can offer stable, ‘common journey’ prices to reward customer loyalty. This is also available for airport transfers made via corporate accounts, so if your business requires you and your staff to travel regularly for work, this is a great, money saving option for you.
  • We provide monthly invoices that will itemise all journeys. No cash is required for Woking Taxi corporate accounts holders, which reduces the need for petty cash and the risk of lost receipts. Your business can benefit from easy-to-manage staff expenses and financial records.


How To Get A Corporate Account With Woking Taxi:

To qualify for your own Woking Taxi service corporate account, all you have to do is fill out our online form. Alternatively, get in touch with a member of our team who will be able to arrange an evaluation for your Woking Taxi service needs. Please note, that businesses might need to be located within range of our areas, but do not hesitate to get in touch to see if you’re in the right spot! The Woking Taxi service team would love to help you, so please feel free to contact us today and we will help you set up your Woking Taxi corporate account service as soon as possible.


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