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While changes are afoot in terms of lockdown and what restrictions are and are not in place, one thing is very much certain; staying safe is still a high priority for both travellers and drivers within the taxi industry.

Those attempting to use these services are of course extremely worried and rightfully so. Life has changed immeasurably over the last few months and therefore using a service that puts you in close proximity to another person will undoubtedly leave many feeling uneasy. Taxi services in the 2020s will be a completely different experience than before thanks to coronavirus.

That being said, there are numerous things that can be done to ensure the safety of everyone involved. To help, we’ve listed a few different tips to be mindful of when using a taxi service now and in the future.

Customer Safety When Using Taxi Services

With lockdown beginning its slow transition, allowing more services to be offered throughout the UK, it’s highly likely that your usual taxi service will be back up and running as normal. To help you ensure your own safety as much as possible, Woking Taxi is a taxi service that has been running private car services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, helping key workers and other members of the public. Here are just some of their top tips:

  • Always Use The Furthest Seat – Woking taxis continually advise using the furthest seat away from the driver at all times. While you may not be a full 2 metres from the driver, being as far away as possible is the best option.  
  • Avoid Physical Contact – While we can be a very tactile nation, it’s best to avoid any physical contact. Open doors yourself and generally keep hands to yourself. This brings us onto our next suggestion too.
  • Avoid Using Cash – During this time, despite lockdown easing and infection rates slowing, it’s still advised that you use card payment at all times. This prevents any cross contamination via the notes and once again reduces physical contact.
  • Avoid Others Handling Your Bags – If you have bags/luggage with you, please lift them in and out of the taxi yourself. Just like avoiding cash payments, this again avoids cross contamination by avoiding touching the same objects.
  • Carry Antibacterial Wipes/Gel – use this before you enter the taxi, during the ride and of course, after. This will ensure you remain clean at all times and prevent you from spreading any germs/bacteria when you leave the taxi too.

Contact Woking Taxi Today

If you’re looking for a taxi service that will go the extra mile to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of their drivers, simply contact Woking Taxi today. Not only are they here to provide essential travel for all who need it, but they’re also providing extra training and ensuring their drivers are adhering to strict protocols too. Call 01483 310 164 today.

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