Taxi services have without a doubt changed a lot over the last few months, coronavirus has effected all taxi services. While some have decided to close for the foreseeable, many like ourselves, have remained open for critical and key workers as well as those without the ability to travel for essential runs.

Here at Woking Taxi, while still remaining open with the help of new policies and procedures in place, we’ve seen a distinct shift in not only the way taxi services are run but the way taxi services are used, too.

Social Distancing And Private Taxi Services

Lockdown restrictions may indeed be easing however despite this, we still preempt certain restrictions being in place when using services such as ours for quite a long time. Here at Woking Taxi, we intend on providing our customers and our staff with the safest environment possible and we intend to do this for as long as we deem it necessary. So what does this mean for you using our taxi services?

This evidently means customers and drivers alike following certain protocols before entering and exiting our cars.

The Future Of Taxi Services For Drivers

Here’s what drivers will need to do now and in the future:

  • Carry hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes. Like passengers, you should clean your hands before entering the vehicle, upon exiting the vehicle and numerous times throughout the day.
  • Allow passengers (where possible) to handle their own luggage and open their own doors.
  • Remind customers before beginning their journeys that card payment is preferred.
  • When possible, drivers may want to consider wearing masks if plastic partitions aren’t installed within their vehicles.
  • Limit the amount of passengers entering your vehicle to ensure social distancing regulations can be adhered to.

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Here at Woking Taxi, we’ve taken every precaution possible to ensure that our staff and clientele are as safe as possible. We want you to have every confidence in our service.

If you’d like more information on our current taxi services, what we can provide and how we intend to serve you in the safest manner possible, simply contact us today. We want to offer you not only a reliable and consistent service, but a service that leaves you feeling at total ease. Call today on 01483 310 164.