Depending on where you live geographically, there could be some distance to travel to get your jabs from the nearest drop-in vaccination centre. For those in rural communities, for example, public transport may not be a particularly efficient way to get around. But for the younger generations who cannot drive, it is important that they can get to where they need to be without too much inconvenience.

As the government is introducing measures like discounts on Uber and Just Eat to increase uptake in the younger generations, we thought it would be great to introduce the idea of using your local taxi company to take you to get your vaccinations… There are so many reasons to choose a small business over a company like Uber, especially in light of the recent pandemic.

Support Local People & Local Businesses

Taxi drivers are often self employed and their industry really suffered when the first lockdowns were announced. The local taxi company provides a great service to all sorts of people including the elderly and many people with disabilities. There were brilliant reports of firms delivering essential items and going out of their way to support their communities through lockdown. However, as things have calmed down we realise that many taxi drivers have had to find alternative work to support their income. Unfortunately this has meant that many people who depend on taxis to get around have suffered as a result.

Maintaining Community Values

Not many people know their area as well as the local cabbie. Also, because they are such a regular face around, meeting so many different people from all walks of life,  you can often rely on your local taxi driver to know about current events and news in the community. Your local taxi driver will be aware of the issues in your area and help to keep police and the public informed about goings on in the local area.

They say getting the vaccination is doing your bit for society. Using the local taxi company to take you to the vaccination centre is doing your bit for the local community. You will also be benefiting the local economy by supporting local companies, which are the backbone of our economy unlike the Ubers and Just Eats of the world.

If you have any travel requirements then you should look to utilise the services of the local taxi company. Most good taxi companies are happy to help with anything that comes up throughout the day, and you can also book services for a specific time to get to an appointment. Companies like Woking Taxi have been here to help people get where they need to go, as well as delivering the essentials to those who need them. It is up to us to support the local businesses out there to make sure we can work together in future.

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