Booking a holiday is nothing short of stressful. Not only is there a lot to consider such as the destination, accommodation and flights, but it’s easy to forget about all the additional costs, including airport parking. But could an airport taxi be better suited for you? In this blog, we are going to look at which is best, airport parking or airport taxi.

Convenience Of An Airport Taxi

The best part about using an airport taxi service is the standard of convenience. Not only can you be picked up and dropped off with a door to door service, but you can book your vehicle based on the amount of luggage that you have. This gives you all the required space to travel comfortably, without leaving your own vehicle at the airport.

Price Of Airport Parking

For some, the ease of airport parking is much more beneficial as it allows them to drive their own vehicle to and from the airport. This is useful for those that live a distance away as an airport taxi fare for a long distance can be pricey depending on the company that you use. However, the same can be said for airport packing with prices often varying depending on the length of your stay as well as the location.

If you book with Woking Taxi, we ensure to use economically and environmentally efficient cars so that we don’t pass on any trumped-up costs. Additionally, we strive to remain the most competitive airport transport solution in our area. This means we regularly review our prices and provide good-value, affordable journeys!
Some companies provide airport shuttles. These tend to be available outside of the airport and are not nearly as convenient as a taxi service. Additionally, you will be charged per person rather than per car. This means they may appear cheaper, but when you add the costs up, a good value airport taxi service is definitely worth it.

Peace Of Mind

By opting for an airport taxi to take you from door to door, you remove the possibility of your car becoming damaged whilst in the care of the airport. This reduces the risk of driving, too. By using a service such as a Woking airport taxi service, you will have an experienced driver at your door with ample time to get you away for your holiday – regardless of the location of the airport!

Professional drivers are often well-acquainted with all the possible routes to the airport. This means they are the best option to get you there if any trouble or delays should occur.

Personal Preference

If you are travelling long distance with a family, then it can be stressful to get the buggy the children and all the luggage in the car and off to the airport. However, an airport taxi service is the perfect stress-free solution to give you all the space you need for your luggage. The comfort of your own private car without the stress of driving makes an MPV airport taxi service the best option for families and groups. However, Woking Taxi airport transfers come with a wide range of vehicles for you to select, making the experience completely tailored to your needs and wants.

Your choice of transport does come down to what you want from your journey. We hope we’ve given you some new options and something to think about. Will you try an airport taxi for the first time?