When booking a holiday there comes a time when you look to book airport transfer, but what do you really need from this service? With several booking options and vehicles to consider it can be overwhelming, however, we have the solution. Woking Taxi created a checklist you should follow when booking an airport taxi.

Search For The Perfect Deal

The first consideration when booking your airport taxi hire is the amount that you will be paying. It is important to look around the internet for the perfect price. This will ensure that you are getting the type of vehicle that you need for you and your family with the space you require for your luggage without paying through the nose. This is key as this will help you to stick to your set budget giving you more money to spend on other aspects of your holiday.

Many taxi companies charge for baggage, ensure you don’t get caught out and book through a fully licensed and reputable taxi service.

Check Luggage Capacity

It is vital that you check the luggage capacity of the taxi you are looking to book as you need to ensure that there is enough room for you, your family and your luggage to get you to and from the airport. With a reliable service such as a Woking airport taxi service, you can book the car depending on the luggage capacity as well as the comfort that you want and the size of the group that is travelling. Considering these factors will ensure your whole party can travel in one vehicle cutting the cost for two airport transfers.

Check The Flight Delay Policy

Arguably the most important aspect of booking an airport taxi service is the delay policy. This is put in place by companies should your flight be delayed. Be careful with these policies as they vary and could lead to you having to pay additional costs for any time that you overrun. However, Woking Taxi offer a 45-minute leeway that is covered free of charge should your flight be delayed. This is ideal as this will cover you for unexpected delays and ensure that you are within your budget throughout the duration of the trip. It is important to also ensure that your driver is aware of your arrival and leaving time to get you to your destination on time for a stress-free experience.

Check Vehicles Available

The next element for you to consider is availability. Not only will you have informed the companies of the dates of your trip, but you may have to alter your choice of vehicle depending on the availability. This is why it is suggested that the airport taxi be booked in advance as this will help to ensure that you have the appropriate vehicle to suit your journey. A top tip, is that you should also check the company’s cancellation policy to ensure you are not trapped into a journey if you are unable to make it.

So, whether you are going away soon, or you are looking to book a holiday in advance we have everything you need to make the trip a success. Get in touch with us today to find out more information.